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AD Injury Curse Real? Lakers Fan Named Anthony Tears Achilles During Half-Court Shot to Win $55,000 MGM Reward Fueling AD Injury Curse Conspiracy Theory

The Los Angeles Lakers have been dealing with injuries to their star player Anthony Davis for most of his tenure with the franchise. Davis, who has a history of various ailments, has missed a large percentage games over the past few years for endless reasons, some that leave people speechless. Some fans have joked that Davis is so injury-prone that he might have cursed the Crypto.com Arena for anyone named Anthony.

Does the Lakers Fan Named Anthony Injuring Himself on Half-Court Prove the Anthony Davis Injury Curse is Real?

That joke turned into a nightmare for one unlucky Lakers fan on Sunday night, when he attempted a half-court shot for a $55,000 MGM Reward during the halftime segment of the Lakers vs Rockets game. The fan, who was ironically also named Anthony, appeared to tear his Achilles tendon after landing from jumping for the shot. He got up and tried walking, but then fell to the ground twice while holding the back of his leg. He was helped off the court by the Lakers staff and taken to a nearby hospital.

The incident shocked and saddened many people who witnessed it, both in the arena and on TV. The fan’s night went from almost winning a huge prize to now having medical bills that might amount to even more than that. According to some sources, the average cost of ruptured Achilles tendon treatment can range from $11,000 to $33,000, depending on the type of care facility and state. Some NBA fans are urging the Lakers to pay for all the fan’s medical expenses as an act of kindness and goodwill.

The fan’s injury also sparked a conspiracy theory among some Lakers fans, who believe that Anthony Davis has somehow cursed the arena for anyone who shares his name. They point out that Davis himself suffered a similar injury in 2021, when he strained his Achilles and missed a lot of time.

Was the Lakers fan named Anthony a victim of the AD curse?

Whether there is any truth to this theory or not, it is clear that the Lakers fan’s injury was a tragic and unfortunate event that marred an otherwise exciting game. The Lakers managed to edge out the Rockets 105-104, thanks to a season-high 37 points from LeBron James, who also made the game-winning free throw with 1.9 seconds left. The Lakers improved to 8-6 on the season, while the Rockets dropped to 6-5.

The Lakers fan’s injury also serves as a reminder of the risks and dangers of participating in any on-court activity during Lakers games, especially for anyone named Anthony. It might make them think twice before accepting such a challenge, or at least take some precautions to avoid a similar fate.

As for Anthony Davis, he might want to find a way to break the curse, if there is one, and stay healthy for the rest of the season. The Lakers need him to be at his best if they want to contend for another championship.