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Was Clone VPN Website Shut Down? The Mystery Behind YouTube Shorts Wars ARG Investigation into CloneVPN

CloneVPN was an alleged VPN service that claimed to offer fast, secure, and anonymous browsing for its users. However, it was allegedly recently shut down by the authorities after it was revealed that it was part of a plot to replace YouTube Shorts creators with clones.

How the YouTube Shorts Wars ARG Investigation into Clone VPN Began

YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to upload short videos of up to 60 seconds, similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels. It has become a popular platform for many content creators, especially in the gaming, comedy, and music genres.

However, some of these creators started to behave strangely after they accepted an offer from Clone VPN to use their service for free. They began to upload videos that were different from their usual style, or that contained cryptic messages or glitches, such as the character Riggy. Some of them even disappeared from their channels altogether, and were replaced by impostors who looked and sounded exactly like them.

This investigation became known as the YouTube Shorts Wars ARG, or Alternate Reality Game. An ARG is a type of interactive storytelling that uses real-world media and platforms to create a fictional narrative that blurs the line between reality and fiction. The YouTube Shorts Wars ARG involved various clues, puzzles, codes, websites, social media accounts, live streams, and videos that were created by the ARG creators or the participants themselves.

The YouTube Shorts Wars ARG was one of the most elaborate and immersive ARGs ever created, as it involved hundreds of YouTube Shorts channels and thousands of participants from around the world. It also had a complex storyline that spanned several months and had multiple twists and turns.

One of the main YouTube Shorts channels that was involved in the ARG was Jonny Razer (@JonnyRaZer): A gaming channel that was one of the first to be cloned by Clone VPN. Other popular channels affected were Royal Pear (@RoyalPear), Danno Cal Drawings (@DannoDraws) who created Riggy, Bundun, and Phaleur (@peehaleyour).

YouTube Shorts Wars ARG Creators Cloned by CloneVPN Allegedly
YouTube Shorts Wars ARG Creators Cloned by CloneVPN Allegedly

The video below shows how the Clone VPN glitch was impacting YouTube Shorts creators. Pay attention to the upper right hand corner of the video, you’ll see some weird shapes then the cartoon character Riggy.

Did CloneVPN Website Get Shut Down?

The YouTube Shorts Wars ARG reached its climax when CloneVPN announced that it was launching its final phase: Operation Endgame. This was a plan to activate all the clones at once, and take over YouTube Shorts completely. However, thanks to the efforts of the survivors and the participants, Operation Endgame was foiled and CloneVPN website was shut down allegedly.

The video below could possibly explain how Clone VPN was able to take over the YouTube shorts channel of the creators who used its website. Based on the video below it appears it was downloading a hidden file onto their computers that was executing on its on. The only judging from the footage below.


The YouTube Shorts Wars ARG was a thrilling and engaging experience for many people who followed it closely. It also raised some important questions about the ethics and dangers of AI, cloning, and online privacy. It showed how powerful and influential social media platforms can be, and how they can be used for good or evil.

The YouTube Shorts Wars ARG is an example of how creative and innovative storytelling can be done using modern technology and platforms. It also demonstrates how interactive and collaborative storytelling can create a sense of community and involvement among the audience.

The YouTube Shorts Wars ARG is a remarkable achievement in the history of ARGs, and will be remembered as one of the most epic and immersive stories ever told on YouTube Shorts. In the end they got allegedly got CloneVPN shut down.

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