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Black Female TikToker Posts Emotional Video About How She Feels Black Men Don’t Like Black Women

Interracial relationships are very common nowadays, but very often you hear about the false assumption that black men don’t like dating black women. This sentiment was brought up again when a black female TikToker posted a video explaining how she feels black men don’t like black women.

In the footage she explained how she was sitting down when a black guy she found attractive walked by her. She didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t say anything to her, but she made the assumption he probably didn’t like or talk to black women. This “disheartened” her.

Was she jumping to conclusions without trying to get to know the person first? Take a look at the video.

Judging from her story, her opinion might be different if she had actually tried talking to the person she found attractive. They say never judge a book by its cover, which is exactly what happened in that situation.

However, it’s still very sad that she even feels that way in the first place. It shows how things you see on television or social media very often can shape how you view the real world.

What Do Statistics Say about Interracial Relationships Between Black Men and Woman of Other Races?

Statistically speaking only 16% of black men marry a woman that isn’t their same race. That means 84% of Black men will marry a black woman, but you would think otherwise based on what you see on TV and social media. As example there are many people that believe most black NBA players are married to someone outside their race, but in actuality the majority of black NBA players whom are married have a black wife.

The way the woman in that video feels just goes to show how powerful the media can be at shaping the way people perceive their own environments. It’s truly heartbreaking how she feels though.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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