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Lil Boosie Gets Angry at Fan Who Mistakes Him for Moneybagg Yo in Viral Footage

When a fan asks a celebrity for an autograph the least they can do is make sure they are aware of the person’s identity first. For a famous person being mistaken for someone else just seems like disrespect in many cases. A situation involving Lil Boosie and a fan who didn’t know who he was is a perfect example of what can happen when you aren’t certain of a celebrity’s identity before approaching with a request.

Fan Mistaking Lil Boosie for Moneybagg Yo Goes Viral

Moneybagg Yo does not look like Lil Boosie in any way, shape, or form other than the fact they are both black. For a person to confuse them with each other they would have to be a very casual hip-hop fan, or just plain trolling. In a viral footage a fan asked Lil Boosie for a picture, but thought he was going to take a picture with Moneybagg Yo. Naturally Lil Boosie was offended the fan didn’t even know who he was, and angrily turned down his request.

How could someone confuse these two people that look nothing alike? It’s almost like that fan has never seen either one of them before.

Lil Boosie and Moneybagg Yo Side by Side

All things considered that fan got lucky, because Lil Boosie is known to be very aggressive when he feels disrespected. For example just recently a man got punched in his face after trying to prank him in walmart.

Moral of the story is before you ask a celebrity for a picture, do some research to be sure of who they are.