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Dillon Brooks Gets Heckled While Walking the Streets of LA After Grizzlies Game 6 Loss to Lakers

Dillon Brooks had a rough night on Friday. Not only did he and his Memphis Grizzlies get eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of their first-round playoff series, but he also had to endure some verbal abuse from Lakers fans as he was leaving the arena, in what many are calling his “Walk of Shame”.

Dillon Brooks Walking the Streets of Los Angeles in “Walk of Shame” Video Trends after Game 6 Loss to Lakers

Brooks, who became the Lakers’ biggest enemy after he called LeBron James “old” during the series, did not speak to the media after the game. Instead, he walked out of the Grizzlies’ locker room and headed to the team bus, which was parked on a nearby street.

However, instead of taking an underground tunnel that connects the Crypto.com arena to the parking area, Brooks chose to walk on the sidewalk, where he was greeted by a crowd of Lakers fans who were celebrating their team’s victory.

The fans did not hold back their taunts and insults, calling Brooks names and mocking his performance. Some of them even recorded videos of themselves heckling Brooks and posted them on social media. There were also a few fans who commended him for not being afraid to cause drama during the series. Brooks did not react to the fans’ provocation, and kept walking silently.

There wasn’t much Brooks could say in that moment, because as aforementioned it seemed like his “walk of shame”. We have all been through this in life, where you seem so confident about something, talk the talk, but then come up very short. It’s a feeling that sticks with you for a long time, but what’s really important is how you use that feeling to become better at your craft.

Whether you love or hate him, one thing we can all admit is that NBA players like Dillon Brooks are very important from an entertainment standpoint. Hopefully he never changes, and comes back next year talking even more trash.

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