James Harden Off The Bench Sneak Steal Against Nuggets Goes Viral

It was a dramatic night in Denver as the Philadelphia Sixers and the Denver Nuggets faced off in a closely contested battle. The game took an unexpected turn when there was some miscommunications among the ranks of the Sixers. With four players on the court, the Sixers were short-handed, and it was only when James Harden came up clutch off the bench that the game was saved.

James Harden was sitting on the bench when he noticed the lack of players on the court for the Sixers. He watched as the Nuggets’ offense moved the ball up the court, and waited for his moment disguised as an inactive player. At the exact right moment, Harden leapt out of his seat and sprinted onto the court, diving for the ball and stealing it from a surprised Bones Hyland. It was a veteran move to say the least.

It’s always funny how whenever there’s a situation with not enough players being on the court no one seems to noticed except a few people. James Harden is a high IQ player, so it’s surprising he was the person who spotted it first.

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