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Man Accidentally Pulls Safety Pin Off Grenade While Sitting Inside His Car in Scary Footage

In this episode of the Darwin Awards is a viral video that has been circulating on social media showing the terrifying moment a man accidentally pulled the safety pin off a grenade while sitting inside his car. The video, which has been viewed millions of times, captures the man’s quick reaction as he managed to escape certain death by swiftly exiting his car and diving to the ground within six seconds.

According to experts, a grenade usually takes anywhere between two to six seconds to detonate after the pin is pulled, depending on the type and condition of the fuse. This means that the man had very little time to react and save himself from the blast, which could have caused severe injuries or even death.

The video has sparked a lot of debate among viewers, who have expressed different opinions on its authenticity. Some people have praised the man for his bravery and luck, while others have questioned how he was able to get out of the car so fast and why he had a grenade in the first place.

The footage looked like a scene from a lab video telling you obvious ways to avoid injuring yourself in terms of how dumb it is to be playing with a grenade inside a car. Some have also suggested that the video might be fake, because of the explosion effect sounding a bit generic, and no sound of debris.

The origin and context of the video are still unclear, as no official sources have confirmed or denied its veracity. However, some online users have claimed that the video was filmed in Russia, where grenades are reportedly easy to obtain on the black market. Others have speculated that the video was staged as a prank or a stunt, and that the grenade was either a dummy or a modified one with a reduced charge.

For many people it brought back memories of the footage showing man who brought a grenade to fist fight.

Regardless of whether the video is real or not, it serves as a reminder of the dangers of handling explosives without proper training and safety precautions. Grenades are deadly weapons that should not be treated lightly or used for entertainment purposes. Anyone who comes across a grenade should avoid touching it, and report it to the authorities immediately.

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