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Gun-Toting White Grandma Rolling Blunt with Young Black Men on Facebook Live Goes Viral

Have you ever seen a gangster grandma? Some people have, but not one like the old lady that’s going viral due to a video posted on social media. In this footage the woman who appears to be not a day younger than 70 is having fun chilling with her homies who are probably at least 50 years younger. It’s what she was doing with them that made the video capture national attention.

Gun-Toting White Grandma Smoking Weed with Young Black Men on Facebook Live Goes Viral

In the Facebook Live video trending nationwide a white grandma is seen rolling a blunt she calls her ‘getup pack’ with two black men smoking weed inside a car. She knew all the urban lingo such as ‘opps’ as she genuinely looked like she often hangs out with two young lads. Perhaps the craziest part was when the white grandma picked up a gun, and aimed at the screen of the device that was recording the footage. The gun was sitting in the old lady’s lap as she rolled the blunt like an expert, so it was easy to tell she was used to having one. She seems truly about that life, and it’s hilarious all things considered.

This video shows that sometimes age is really just a number. That lady is living like a young person, and is still able to connect with people a fraction of her age. The only thing that really makes her old is just her physical appearance, other than that she’s probably enjoying life doing all the same things she did as a young woman. Maybe getting old isn’t that bad.

That’s one grandma you probably don’t want to get in a street beef with. Hopefully she hasn’t caught any bodies with that gun. For some people this might be the first time they have seen an old white woman rolling a blunt on IG live or Facebook Live.

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