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Does Bronny James’ Ranking Plummeting Over 30 Spots Put His NBA Future in Jeopardy?

Bronny James is the most popular high school basketball player in America, but unlike most other athletes it’s not mostly because of his on the court skills. Bronny was blessed with being the son of the greatest basketball player ever in Lebron James, which gave him a major advantage over other athletes in terms of exposure. Even if he scores 2 points in a game you will see highlight videos using his image and name to get views for example.

However, although his on the court skills have improved over the years, he’s largely known as an average player whose hype is based on potential that’s linked to his lineage of being Lebron’s son. Throughout the years many people have said that his national ranking was impacted by his relationship to Lebron, but now it seems that edge is starting dwindle as he gets older. The proof could be in the recent drastic change of Bronny James’ national ranking falling hard.

Does Bronny James’ High School Ranking Dropping Over 30 Spots Put His NBA Future in Jeopardy?

According to the ‘Rivals’ website Bronny James is ranked 60th in the class of 2023. Just a few months ago he was ranked at 29th. If you do the math over the span of few months Bronny James’ national ranking dropped by 31 spots, which is still respectable but alarming considering who his dad is. Unlike his father Bronny James’ high school stats have never been spectacular. The closest he has come to averaging double figures was this season when he averaged around 10 points per game.

Despite playing the point guard position one of the criticisms you hear people say about his game is his shaky handles, seemingly average scoring ability, and unwillingness to take over games when he’s playing with other very talented players. At only 6’3″, and seemingly not growing anymore those are all things he will really need to perfect to get to the NBA level, and play well in college. Often times when you watch Sierra Canyon games he becomes invisible on the court. However, his ability to get other teammates involved and his defense is already elite at times for someone his age, and that alone gives him chance to be great.

Image Credit: Rivals.com

Despite Bronny James’ ranking falling over 30 spots it probably won’t change his current course to reach his NBA dream. With the amount of exposure he has high school rankings won’t mean much in grand scheme of things, because the scouts will still always be watching since he’s Lebron’s son. In addition we all know Lebron said he will sign with any team that drafts Bronny. Also he has shown flashes of being great such as his Staples center performance in the video above, which proves that he can still reach another level if he continues putting in work.

What Colleges Gave Bronny James an Offer?

Bronny’s basketball future will probably come down to how he performs in college. Right now the only college that has officially given Bronny James an offer is North Carolina Central, but he allegedly has interest in Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina Tarheels.

We are all routing for him to succeed, because one can only imagine the amount of pressure he feels every day to live up to the Lebron name.

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