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Here’s Why a Russian Pilot Reacting to Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine War is Going Viral

Since the war in Ukraine has began many people have demonized all residents of Russia behind Vladimir Putin’s actions. However, it’s also well known that many Russians are opposed to the war for various reasons. A glimpse into how they feel was resonated in a video of Russian Pilot condemning the Ukraine war. The footage has garnered a lot of attention around world, because of the implications of his words.

Details on Why a Russian Pilot’s Ukraine War Reaction Is Going Viral

Despite the diverse amount of opinions Russians have about the Ukraine war, reports say that citizens in the country rarely publicly oppose political matters like this. There is alleged to be serious consequences that come with speaking out against Vladimir Putin in a negative manner.

Due to that strict political environment a Russian pilot’s Ukraine war rant is going viral, because he said some really bold words that could get him in a lot of trouble.

During his public rant the Russian Pilot said the war in Ukraine is a “crime”. It was almost like the Russian Pilot called Vladimir Putin a criminal publicly. In addition the pilot said that he hopes more Russian citizens will join him in doing everything in their power to bring a peaceful end to the war. The video first posted by Guardian reporter Pjotr Sauer has garnered over 2.5 million views and counting.

The sentiment of the Russian pilot’s Ukraine war stance is shared by many Russians around the world who are living in places where they can speak freely without potential consequences.

Here's Why a Russian Pilot Reacting to Vladimir Putin's Ukraine War is Going Viral. Russian Pilot talking about Ukraine War footage. Russian Pilot calling Vladimir Putin criminal.
Russian Woman in London Protesting Ukraine War

How Many People Have Died in Ukraine War?

The casualties of the Russia Ukraine war so far have been massive. According to US Officials around 6,000 Russian soldiers have died, and around 4,000 Ukraine soldiers have perished. In addition the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that almost 600 innocent civilians have died during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They also confirmed 41 of those deaths were children.

Since the war began over 2.5 million people left their lives in Ukraine behind, and fled the country for their own safety. That’s a situation most people in the Western world could ever imagine going through. The Russian Pilot is now an internet legend for his brave rant about Putin’s actions.

There are rumors about Vladimir Putin being charged with war crimes, so the Russian pilot may be on to something. Prayers up for everyone impacted by the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.