Cat vs Coyote

You know how people say cats have 9 lives? In some cases that isn’t always true, but there is a lot of evidence that it does apply to most cats. A perfect example is the case of a hungry coyote facing off someone’s pet cat on a small front porch. The video of their showdown is now trending nationwide.

Video of Cat Escaping a Coyote Attack With Spiderman Move Goes Viral

The viral video shows the moment a wild coyote found an innocent cat relaxing on its owner’s front porch. Within seconds chaos ensued as the coyote attempting biting the cat in a deadly manner. The first instinct from the cat was to hide under a small table, which seemed to be working for a few moments. However, things looked like they were about to take a sad turn when the coyote figured out it could go under the table to get to the scared cat.

It was at this moment that cat’s 9 lives kicked in. First it tried jumping on to the wooden railings of the porch, but that proved to be a mistake as the coyote bit the cat’s butt. That moment made the cat make a desperate attempt to swipe the Coyote’s face, which gave it the split second it needed to turn into Spiderman. In the blink of an eye the cat climbed up the side pole of the porch, and hung on for dear life out of the reach of the coyote.

If that cat had 9 lives before that scary ordeal it probably only has about 4 left now. Hopefully the owner takes some precautions, because that same coyote is likely to come back for round two.

Kudos to that cat for having the courage to not becoming someone’s meal.

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