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James Harden Blows Out His Hamstring Injury 43 Seconds Into Game 1 of Nets vs Lakers and Leaves Game

Only 43 seconds into Game 1 of Bucks vs Nets a superstar went down with injury. It appears James Harden blew out his hamstring while driving to the basket. After he landed he instantly began hobbling on his leg, and gingerly walked back to the locker room.

A short time later it was confirmed that he would be out for the remainder of the game. At the moment there are no updated details on how serious the injury may be. However, when it comes to a hamstring it’s an injury that could cause him to miss more games in this series. For example think about Chris Paul’s hamstring injury in 2018, he had to miss the last two games of the Western Conference Finals.

It was very likely that Bucks would win the series even with James Harden healthy, but his injury really puts the pressure on Kyrie and KD to show what they can do as a duo.

Hopefully Harden’s injury is just a tweak, but the fact that he couldn’t return in this game isn’t a good sign.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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