Damian Lillard, the All-Star point guard of the Portland Trailblazers, recently recorded a freestyle rap video while stuck on a team flight during a blizzard. His lyrics and flow have won him praise from fans and the basketball community alike, with one of his lines in particular garnering a lot of attention.

The team had been stuck on the plane for 7 hours after the blizzard, and Lillard seized this time to record a freestyle rap video. His lyrics have been widely praised for their cleverness and wit, but one line in particular has been getting the most attention. In his rap, Lillard refers to the gun incident involving Gilbert Arenas’ in Washington Wizards locker room: “Shooters in the locker room like we the Wizards.”

Lillard’s line has attracted a lot of attention, both from the media and from fans. The incident at the Wizards locker room occurred back in 2010, and it was widely reported in the media at the time. Since then, Arenas has been playing overseas before retiring, and has moved on from the incident.

Despite this being a rather sensitive subject, Lillard’s line in his freestyle rap has been well-received. His freestyle has been praised for its clever wordplay and clever use of language. It has even inspired fans to create memes and other social media posts about the Gilbert Arenas incident.

The incident of the Gilbert Arenas locker room gun incident is still remembered by many fans, and Lillard’s rap has given them a chance to re-live it. The line has received a lot of attention, and it is definitely one of the highlights from his freestyle rap video.

Overall, Lillard’s airplane freestyle rap video has been a hit with fans and the basketball community. His clever use of language, witty wordplay and the reference to the Gilbert Arenas incident has made it go viral. It is a testament to the power of rap, and its ability to use real-life events and experiences to create something meaningful and entertaining.

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