Is the rumor of Lil Baby cheating with Teanna Trump the reason Jayda Cheaves broke up with him? Earlier today in an emotional series of Instagram Posts Jayda Cheaves announced her breakup with Lil Baby.

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Details weren’t given into what caused Jayda Wayda to breakup with Lil Baby, but what she did say insinuated he has been showing her fake love through all the monetary gifts. She may have realized it was fake love after finding out Lil Baby cheated with Teanna Trump.

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Near the end of December Teanna Trump literally told Jayda Cheaves that she was giving Lil Baby top on the regular.

Did Lil Baby cheat on Jayda Cheaves with Teanna Trump? Based on the conversation above it’s hard to say he didn’t now that they are broken up. However, it’s also possible the breakup was for another reason.

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When you have adult film stars airing you out on Twitter, it’s going to affect your mental though. Jayda Wayda likely couldn’t take that emotional pain anymore.

Author: JordanThrilla

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