50 Cent is caught in the middle of a major controversy after he said some real disrespectful things about Lil Kim, while also allegedly falsely accusing her of dissing another woman’s child. 50 Cent has long history of trying to clown Lil Kim on social media, so the post wasn’t surprising coming from him. However, he took things to a unexpected place most people feel he should haven’t by making fun of the serious condition Lil Kim’s daughter suffers from.

People Call Out 50 Cent for Making Fun of Lil Kim Daughter’s Eye in Viral Instagram Post Accusing Her of Talking About Nicki Minaj’s Son Papa Bear and Comparing Lil Kim to an Owl

Lil Kim’s daughter Royal Reign has a rare eye condition called Congenital Ptosis. The condition causes the eyelid to be abnormally droopy, and usually doesn’t get better with age. There are plastic surgery procedures that attempt to correct the condition, and give the patient a more normal looking eyelid if they opt for medical intervention. For most people making fun of someone with this condition would be completely off limits, but not for 50 Cent who took it upon himself to direct jokes at her young child.

In a viral Instagram post 50 Cent accused Lil Kim of talking about Nicki Minaj’s baby Papa Bear in a new remix song. In the post he wrote, “Nicki Minaj you better light her a** up. I’m watching, she said something about the baby. Her baby’s eye f***** up lol”. In addition he posted a side by side photo comparing Lil Kim to an Owl.

Did 50 Cent Falsely Accuse Lil Kim of Talking About Nicki Minaj’s Son Papa Bear?

50 Cent believes that Lil Kim’s verse on ‘Plan B Remix’ had some lines directed at Nicki Minaj’s son. However, most people believe the song is about relationships, and men who aren’t faithful in them. Around social media people were confused as to how 50 Cent came to the conclusion that Lil Kim dissed Nicki Minaj’s baby. In many viral tweets people called out 50 Cent for making fun Lil Kim daughter’s eye while spreading an alleged lie to start drama.

Whether or not Lil Kim was talking about Nicki Minaj’s son on the ‘Plan B Remix’, 50 Cent didn’t need to jump into the situation in such a disrespectful way. This incident continues a trend of him coming after Lil Kim at random times over the years on social media. 50 Cent was Tekashi69 before Tekashi 6IX9INE in terms of his supernatural ability to stir up social media with the things he says about other people.

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