Is a wrestling legend Marty Jannetty $ex tape with Mia Khalifa releasing soon? According to a new post a Marty Jannetty and Mia Khalifa $extape may be in the works.

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The revelation came to light after Marty Jannetty revealed Mia Khalia has accepted an offer to make 2 adult movies with him for $200K.

Mia Khalifa is allegedly huge fan of Marty Jannetty, and is very eager to make these $ex tapes a reality.

Take a look the post regarding the Mia Khalifa and Marty Jannetty $ex tape possibly in the works.

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Mia Khalifa has retired from making adult movies, so for this to happen it means she is willing to come out retirement for Marty Jannetty. That alone shows how much she wants him. She probably saw his historically great match against Kurt Angle, and became a fan instantly.

Will a Marty Jannetty $ex tape with Mia Khalifa become a reality in 2021? Only time will tell, but it seems very likely to happen.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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