Doxxing is a term used describe when a person post the personal information of another person without their permission, and with ill intent. Usually celebrities are the target of doxxing, but in some rare cases it’s the famous person that does the dox. A perfect example is a controversial situation involving Skai Jackson, and a racist 13 year old kid.

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Details on Why Skai Jackson Doxxed a Kid then Her Address was Leaked in a Revenge Doxxing

Skai Jackson doxxed a 13 year old kid who said “Guacamole n**** penis” to her on twitter. The comment was racist, and very uncalled for, which is why she opted to post their personal information. In response someone leaked Skai Jackson’s address in a revenge doxxing with much more serious implications.

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These were the originally doxxing tweets which led to Skai Jackson’s address being leaked.

This is where things get crazy. Doxxing is illegal, especially when it comes to minors. However, the information Skai Jackson doxxed the minor with could also be considered public information. The information that Skai Jackson got doxxed with was definitely private information, it was her actual address. Only problem is no one knows who leaked her address.

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This is a messy situation that definitely could of been avoided by the Disney channel legend. She really didn’t need to respond to that 13 year old kid, because a reaction was probably what he was looking for in the first place. The parents of that 13 year old kid really need to sit down and talk with him about using racist language.

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