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Details on Where the Alleged Lean Codeine Wock Dispenser Drink Machine is Possibly Located

Recently, a video surfaced of a Wok Dispenser drink machine allegedly located in California. This machine looks just like a regular soda dispenser, but instead of carbonated drinks, it dispenses a controversial drug: Lean. The recreational drug is a concoction that contains codeine, a prescription opiate, as well as promethazine, a sedative.

It is well known that regular use of opiates can be extremely dangerous to one’s health, but why is Lean aka Wock so popular? Unfortunately, Lean Codeine has a reputation as a recreational or party drug that is becoming increasingly popular amongst teens and young adults. The dangerous beverage is promoted by many rappers, while at the same condemned by many other rappers. While Lean may give users a high that is similar to an opiate-like high, it also has severe long-term health risks.

The most serious side effect of Lean is liver and kidney damage. Lean contains codeine which is a very powerful opiate. Codeine is metabolized by the liver and causes damage to this organ that can be fatal in high doses. Promethazine, the other main ingredient in Lean, is also metabolized by the liver, and can also cause damage to this organ. Additionally, the codeine in Lean can cause damage to the kidneys as it is also metabolized by these organs. This is why it’s so sad to see a wock dispenser possibly exists in California.

Long-term use of Lean can also lead to addiction. Lean typically comes in syrup form, and is often mixed with soda, candy, or other substances, making it easy to consume large amounts of the drug. This makes it difficult to control the dosage, so users often end up taking too much and can become addicted, or overdose.

The dangers of the Wok Dispenser drink machine should not be taken lightly, so hopefully this is just a social media hoax.

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