Taking a tour through Hoover Dam is usually a peaceful awe inspiring experience. It gives you an up close and personal look at one of the mankind’s technical marvels, built right into nature. However, a rare instance where things took a dangerous turn in the most unexpected way is going viral worldwide. The incident has been dubbed the ‘Hoover Dam Tour Explosion’.

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What Exploded in Hoover Dam? Video Shows What Caused Explosion at Hoover Dam During a Tour

In the scary footage recorded by Kristy Hairston aka @kristynashville you can see a large mushroom shaped cloud of smoke billowing into the sky from an explosion that happened on a lower level beneath the tour area. As the dark cloud of smoke slightly clears you can see there is large fire on the ground. The viral video has left people wondering what exploded at Hoover Dam.

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While it’s not confirmed judging from the video it looks like some type of transformer or power generator exploded at Hoover Dam. You can also see there are trucks very close to the area where the fire was quickly growing.

Where is the Hoover Dam Located and What States Does it Provide Power To?

The Hoover Dam which is located in Boulder City Nevada was designed with a gravity arch that stretches along the Nevada-Arizona border. The power it generates using the water provides electric to millions of people across California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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The technological achievement can be spotted while driving to the Grand Canyon depending how far you are traveling from. It’s situated about 240 miles from Grand Canyon Park, but only 95 miles from Grand Canyon West. The cool video below shows what it looks like inside the Hoover Dam.

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