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Can a Fetus Be a Passenger? Texas Woman’s HOV Violation Claim Goes Viral

Ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade there has been endless conversation around whether or not a Fetus should be considered a human. People who are Pro-life say a fetus is a human, because it eventually becomes a baby. People who are pro-choice say a fetus isn’t a human being since it hasn’t fully developed in the womb. If you consider a fetus to be human should that extend to other parts of life besides pregnancy? That’s the core of viral HOV violation situation involving a woman in Texas.

Can a Fetus Be a Passenger? Texas Woman Brandy Bottone HOV Violation Claim Goes Viral

This strange situation began when a pregnant woman named Brandy Bottone got a ticket for driving in the car-pool lane. In Texas that is considered a HOV violation if you don’t have at least one passenger in your car. However, Brandy is fighting the ticket, because she had a child growing inside of her.

Brandy Bottone believes that her fetus is a passenger, which made her legally able to drive in the car-pool lane. When she was stopped by the cop she was 34 months pregnant, so the baby was very developed. Theoretically if you go by the pro-life way of thinking she is correct. If Texas has laws that say a fetus is a person then should that extend to other laws such as HOV violations?

Illustration of 34 Week Old Baby Image Credit raisingchildren.net.au

When she plead her case to the Texas cop he disagreed, and gave her a $275 ticket according to reports. Apparently fetuses only have the right the live Texas, but not the right to ride as a passenger in HOV lanes.

That does seem a bit strange all things considered. Many people believe a pregnant woman should be able to have special treatment of riding in car-pool lanes anyway even if you don’t consider a fetus a person.

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