Glen Davis Goes On Slobbering Rant Responding to Fans Angry About His Kyrie Irving Ankle Injury Celtics Lucky Logo Karma Theory

Glen Davis’ slobbering rant about Kyrie Irving’s ankle injury reaffirmed his theory that karma came after him for stomping on Celtics Lucky logo. In the emotional response to fans angry at him for throwing salt on Kyrie’s wounds, Glen Davis’ saliva was flying everywhere.

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In the footage he sent a message to the world letting people know he doesn’t care if you’re mad about what he said. He explained that he is a Celtic for life, and Kyrie stomping on the Lucky logo really hurt him. Looking at the situation from a non biased point of view, it seems easy to understand why Glen Davis is going at Kyrie so hard. His analogy of comparing Kyrie stomping on Celtics logo, to someone stepping on a country’s flag was a good way describe the disrespect he felt.

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However, the situation is tricky because Boston is known for being racist, so you also can’t blame people for overlooking how disrespectful what Kyrie did was.

Anytime Glen Davis’ legacy with the Celtics is discussed, most people will remember his game winning shot against the Magic in the 2009 playoffs. That was the year he did an impressive job of filling in the role of Kevin Garnett after he went down with a knee injury. They’ll also remember how he accidentally pushed that kid while he was celebrating his buzzer beating moment.

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The strangest part of about his video response to the Kyrie Irving army was Glen Davis saying, “And I’m slobbering on you” on you. Somehow he always manages to make things super awkward on social media.

His theory about karma causing Kyrie Irving’s ankle injury definitely has some grounds if you believe in that stuff, but it all just be an unlucky coincidence no pun intended. It’s been confirmed that he will miss game 5 vs Bucks.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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