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Fighter Knocks Out Opponent with Flying Knee During Face-Off at Zames Fight Club 3 Event

Face-offs are one of the most exciting parts of combat sports. Usually they involve some trash talking, an intense stare down, and a bit of pushing. However, some times fights can happen, but not in the way seen in a recent viral video.

The footage shows at fighter knocking out his opponent with a flying knee during a face-off at Zames Fight Club in Minsk, Belarus. He kneed his opponent while he was trying to take off his hat. The event their match was taking place at was called “Zames FC 3”.

After taking the flying knee during face-off the other fighter woke up then had to be held back by security as he tried to go after his opponent. The moment really looked like Jorge Masvidal knocking out Ben Askren.

There are unconfirmed rumors that the Zames FC 3 match had to be called off due to the flying knee incident, but it seems like that would be the perfect build up to make the match more interesting. Imagine how intense it would have been when they got in the ring after that?

Do you think we will ever see a flying-knee knockout during a face-off of UFC fighters?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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