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Video: Did Speed Get Swatted? Details on Why Police Arrested YouTuber Speed on Livestream

YouTuber Speed is in serious trouble with the law, and the crazy situation unfolded on livestream in front all his fans. At the moment there are two theories as to why Speed got arrested by cops, so we’ll discuss both of those rumors, and which is more likely to be true. In either case Speed is going to have some tough days ahead in court because of this situation.

Did Speed Get Swatted? Details on Why Police Arrested YouTuber Speed on Livestream in Viral Video

Sad footage shows the moment police arrested Speed, and put him in handcuffs outside his home. As you’ll see in the viral video below Police raided Speed’s home with bulletproof vests and assault rifles like something serious was going down. It’s alleged that Speed pranked called the cops during his livestream, which is a crime that can land you in prison for up to 3 years depending on where you live. Speed allegedly used a VOIP program to prank call the cops, and people on the livestream warned him that they could track his IP address, which is possibly how they knew where the prank call came from.

However, there is also reason to believe that Speed is a victim of ‘swatting’. For those that don’t know the term ‘swatting’ describes when other people use a popular streamer’s personal information then make a fake report to law enforcement that they committed serious crimes. It’s more likely that Speed got swatted, because as aforementioned the police were wearing bulletproof vests, and assault rifles. It seemed they came prepared to engage a suspect that had potentially committed something more serious than just prank calling the cops. In addition in the background you could see federal agents meaning FEDS arrested Speed as well.

If this is what happened then the big question is who was swatting Speed? Take a look at the viral footage.

Speed has millions of followers on YouTube, and other social media platforms. He makes gaming videos, rap music, and pulls crazy stunts like his Pikachu firework situation that went viral on July 4th.

How Many Years Could Speed Get in Prison if he Prank Called Cops?

As aforementioned if Speed got arrested for prank calling cops then he is facing multiple years in prison, and/or fines up to $10,000 plus the amount Police had to spend to respond to his call. If Speed got swatted then he’s actually innocent in this situation, and police will eventually find the person who did the swatting.

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