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How ‘The Office’ TV Show Led to a Texas Murder-Suicide Leaving 6 Dead – The Shooters Clowned US Gun Laws

“The Office” TV show led to a Texas Murder-Suicide that left 6 people dead, including the two shooters. Two brothers named Farhan Towhid and Tanvir Towhid wrote a 12 page note that explained the motive behind their heinous crime and clowned US gun laws for being a “joke”.

Details On How the Two Brothers Acquired Guns to Carryout the Murder-Suicide

21 year old Tanvir Towhid explained that it was every easy for him to go a gun store and simply say he needed a gun for home defense. He said the store just gave him some papers to sign, then asked if he had any mental illness. All he had to tell them was “no”, despite the fact he and his brother were both on mental health medications for depression. He claimed the store didn’t ask for any proof.

In the 12 page note the brothers thanked the United States guns laws for making the process so easy saying, “Thanks for making the process so easy”. Earlier in the note he called US gun laws a “joke”.

How “The Office” TV Show Led to the Texas-Murder Suicide Plot That Left 6 Dead

Tanvir Towhid and Farhan Towhid claimed that “The Office” was one of the biggest issues they faced in life. In particular they were angry at how the show continued on when the Michael Scott character left the show. They hated how the plot developed and the characters were undeveloped after his exit.

They went on to explain that the finale of show didn’t make up for the final few seasons they had to endure watching. It was while they were watching the show on February 21, 2021 very displeased that there was nothing they could do to improve it, that they made a pact to carry out the Texas-Murder suicide in which they would kill all their family members then commit suicide.

The Victims of the Texas-Murder Suicide Fueled by “The Office” TV Show

The victims of the shooting were their 54 year old father Towhidul Islam, their 56 year old mother Iren Islam, their 77 year old grandmother Altafun Nessa, and their 19 year old sister Farbin. Their sister had a full scholarship New York University. The family was of Bangladesh descent.

After shooting them the two brothers shot themselves dead. The family lived in Allen, Texas. Police found all 6 dead bodies inside the home around 1 am in morning.

United States gun laws continue to be a controversial topic especially with all the recent mass shootings. This might be the first shooting where the culprits directly stated how easy it was for them to acquire a gun, despite having mental health conditions. Texas is known for having some of the most lax gun laws, which could explain why these brothers claimed it was very simple to buy a gun and lie on the applications.

RIP to all the victims of this tragic crime.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff