Ex Pentagon Official Luis Elizondo Claims UFO Disabled Nuclear Weapons in US and Government is Aware

The idea of UFOs existing has become much closer to reality after military videos were released capturing them on camera. Since then there have been many former government employees who have come forward confirming those videos are real. In a new video from NBC something scary was revealed about one of these strange UFO sightings near a military bases.

Pentagon Official Luis Elizondo says UFOs disabled nuclear weapons in United States, and the government is aware. This allegedly sent shockwaves through the Pentagon, because of the possibility of another country like China having technology that could disable Nukes.

Luiz Elizondo also revealed that the military has encountered UFOs that travel as fast as 11,000 mph in air or water. For reference the fastest US technology in existence is the X-15 plane, which has a top speed of 4,520 miles per hour.

Luis Elizondo held a position on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification program, which makes his testimonies very credible.

Below is publicly released military footage of a UFO that could split in two and submerge itself in water without losing speed or making a splash in Aguadilla Puerto Rico.

The thought of intelligent life forms from another galaxy being on Earth sounds incredible on the surface. However, in reality that would be the worst kind of threat to human existence. Not only is there the chance of them bringing interstellar pathogens, but also the threat of the Aliens destroying the world or quickly taking over with the help of much more advanced technology.

If Luis Elizondo claims that a UFO disabled US nukes then it means Aliens really have been studying human defense systems. That could mean that Aliens controlling these UFOs already feel we are a threat to them in some way.

If you believe in paradoxes there’s a theory that UFOs might be human beings from the future whom are time traveling. The reason they avoid us at all costs is not to damage fabric of time. Theoretically advanced future technology would easily be able to disable nuclear technology of today.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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