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21 Savage Verbal Fight with J Prince Jr Over Trusting Women on Clubhouse Got Tense

21 Savage’s verbal fight with J Prince Jr over Trusting woman on Clubhouse got very tense. The discussion was centered around how comfortable you should be while getting to know a new woman in your life. J Prince Jr and 21 Savage had very different views on the matter.

21 Savage basically said he is able to trust a woman in a step by step process. He has no problem with letting a woman into the personal parts of mind and life. This was a given considering how fast he fell for Amber Rose.

On the flipside J Prince Jr. basically said he doesn’t trust women. He claims that before he trusts a woman she has to give him the benefit of the doubt to be able trust her. His take on things had 21 Savage and other Clubhouse chatters getting real emotional.


Based on reactions 21 Savage and J Prince Jr’s heated discussion on Clubhouse, most people feel only one of them was making sense and being real. A lot of people were saying 21 Savage was speaking the truth, while others accused J Prince Jr of trying to sound gangster due to who his dad is.

However, this is topic you can’t be right or wrong on. How open you are to trusting people in relationships and life will always be dictated by your personal experiences. Trusting people or not allowing yourself to trust people can both go very wrong relationship wise.

Author: JordanThrilla