If you notice a stranger in a dire situation that requires spit second thinking and risks your own life, would you walk past then call the police hoping they come in time, or spring into action to save the person yourself? Two brave men in footage going viral decided on the latter it saved a woman’s life.

Details on How Two Men Beat Up Man Trying to Drown Woman Inside a Public Water Fountain Saving Her Life

Imagine you are walking down the street on a peaceful sunny day, and out the corner of your eye you notice a man grabbing a woman by her hair standing inside a public water fountain. The man was holding the woman’s face down attempting to drown her in broad daylight, or so it seemed. Luckily two men sprang into the action, and turned into real life superheroes.

As you’ll see in the footage below the two men beat up the man trying to drown the woman in the public fountain by punching him repeatedly in his face and stomach area. While this was happening he refused to let go of the woman’s hair, until one of them landed a haymaker that finally made him let go. They immediately rushed the woman to a safe distance from her crazy attacker. If those two men didn’t take quick action who knows what would have happened.

Complaints about how selfish our society has become are heard from every generation. Some people believe lack of empathy is one of the most daunting pandemics affecting humans. Videos like the one above are proof that there are people out there that truly care about the other people.

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