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Why Was Dancehall Artist Gully Bop Walking Around with Two Dead Dogs in Scary Video?

Did Gully Bop kill two dogs to eat them? A shocking video has emerged online showing dancehall artist Gully Bop, who is known to have lost his mind to drugs, walking around with two dead dogs in his hands. The video shows Gully Bop casually walking past people eating at a restaurant while holding the dogs by their necks. The video has sparked a debate among viewers about whether he murdered the dogs to cook and eat them.

Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, was a popular dancehall deejay who recorded as Country Man in the 1980s. He rose from homelessness to fame in 2014, after some seemingly off-the-cuff performances were recorded and uploaded to social media platforms. He released a debut EP titled Rags to Riches and performed at several shows, including the Sting Festival.

However, his career and life took a downward spiral after he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. He also had several run-ins with the law, including charges of domestic abuse and robbery filed by his ex-fiancée and manager Shauna Chin. He was also hospitalized in 2015 for a ruptured intestine that required emergency surgery. In 2018, he was reported to be living on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.

The latest video of Gully Bop with the dead dogs has raised concerns about his mental health and well-being. Some viewers have expressed sympathy and sadness for his situation, while others have criticized him for his actions. Some have also speculated that he might have been planning to eat the dogs, as dog meat is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world.

However, there is no evidence to support this claim, and it is unclear where Gully Bop got the dogs from or what he intended to do with them. It is also unknown when and where the video was recorded, or who filmed it. The video has been widely shared on social media platforms such as YouTube, but no official statement has been made by Gully Bop or his representatives.

Gully Bop is one of the many examples of rags-to-riches stories in the music industry that have ended tragically due to drug abuse and mental illness. His fans and fellow artists have been calling for more support and intervention for him and others who are suffering from similar problems.

We all hope that he can recover from his addiction, and resume his musical career. Hopefully he didn’t murder those two dogs, and he found them after they were already dead.