Viral Video Shows the Moment Chicago Goons Shot Up a Baby Shower While Kids Were Still There. Baby shower shooting in Chicago.

As we have all seen over the years in a street beef there no rules when it comes to how enemies go after each other. Innocent bystanders getting caught in the line of fire doesn’t seem like something the opps worry about when they are planning an attack on a person they have beef with. This held true in a sad video of a baby shower shooting in Chicago aka Chiraq.

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Viral Video Shows the Moment Chicago Goons Shot Up a Baby Shower While Kids Were Still There

Footage circulating online shows the moment alleged Chicago goons shot up a baby shower while little kids were still in the room. Everything was going peacefully then all of sudden you can hear endless shots ring out for almost 1 minute straight. You can see several small children in the background covering their ears in fear, and their parents rushed to push them out the way.

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Some of the people in the home had guns as well, but they didn’t return fire presumably because they seemed confused as to where the bullets were coming from. It might have made the situation worse if they started shooting back while the children where there. Near the end of the footage you can hear the victims saying that one person in the home was shot. It’s not clear if that person was one of the kids.

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Hopefully everyone survived that scary ordeal. The emotional scars from being in a situation like that will probably last a lifetime especially for the small kids who experienced that. Chicago continues to be a very crazy place to live.

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