Who Is the Seattle Zombie Woman In Viral Video?

Washington is now a real life The Walking Dead episode after scary footage caught on video of a aSeattle Zombie Woman. In the footage the woman doesn’t appear to be wearing makeup, but rather looks to be a literal zombie walking around in pain.

The two cops seen in the video have a look of pure fear on their face as she crosses into their vicinity wailing inaudible language. At some point the person collapsed to the ground, and was taken away on a stretcher. The big question now is who is the Seattle Zombie Woman? Also what ailment was she suffering from?

Some people feel this could be the beginning of a Zombie outbreak in Seattle, Washington. Conspiracy theorists are already conjuring ideas that a new disease caused this woman to turn into a zombie.

If you see more videos like these popping up it could become a national problem.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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