Polo G iPhone chain

Rap artist Polo G has recently made headlines with his new diamond-encrusted chain that literally has an iPhone in the pendant. The chain was custom made by jeweler Johnny Dang, and it comes with a unique feature – the iPhone in the chain continuously plays videos on loop.

More Details About Polo G’s iPhone Chain

The chain is made up of 18-karat white gold, and is embedded with over 7,200 diamonds. The iPhone in the chain is an iPhone 12 Pro Max and it is encased in a stainless steel pendant. Interestingly, the chain has an opening so that the iPhone can be plugged in and charged.

This is not the first time that Johnny Dang has created a custom iPhone chain. In the past, he has made several diamond-encrusted iPhone chains for celebrities such as Soulja Boy and Drake, but those didn’t have a real iPhone in them. This is the first time he has crafted an iPhone chain that includes the real thing.

The cost of the chain is said to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it is sure to be a conversation starter. People are amazed at the level of detail put into the design of the chain, and people are also drawn to the fact that the chain has a real iPhone in the pendant. It wasn’t mentioned whether the iPhone has the ability to be removed, just in case he wants to upgrade to newer model down the line.

Rapper Polo G is setting trends for other celebrities and fashion icons with his new custom made iPhone chain. It serves as an example of what can be achieved with a little bit of creativity, and a lot of money. The chain is sure to be an instant hit, and will no doubt be copied by other rappers and celebrities in the near future.

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