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Gang of Angry Hippos Try to Eat Lion Stranded on Rock at Kruger National Park in Rare Video

A video of a lion stranded on a rock in a river, surrounded by hippos, has gone viral on social media. The video was recorded by Steyn Jacobson, a guide at South Post at Kruger National Park in South Africa. Jacobson and his guests witnessed the rare and tense encounter between the king of the jungle and the water-dwelling giants.

According to Jacobson, he spotted the lion on the rock while driving along the Crocodile River. He said he was surprised to see a lion there, as it was not a common sight. He decided to stop and watch what would happen next. He soon realized that the lion was not alone. There were several hippos in the river, and they did not seem happy about the intruder. Jacobson said that hippos are very territorial and protective of their space, especially when they have young ones around.

The hippos started to circle the rock, making loud noises and splashing water. The lion looked nervous and unsure of what to do. Jacobson said that lions are not good swimmers, so it was amazing that he managed to get on the rock in the first place.

He also discovered that the lion was a young male, probably around two years old. He speculated that he might have been chased away by another male or got lost from his pride. He said that young males often wander into unfamiliar areas, looking for new territories or mates.

The situation got more intense when one of the hippos decided to attack. The hippo lunged at the lion, who had no choice but to jump off the rock and run for his life. The hippo followed him for a short distance, but then gave up and returned to his group.

Jacobson said that he was relieved that both animals were unharmed after the confrontation. He said that it was one of the most incredible sightings he had ever seen in his 10 years as a guide.

The video has captured interest not only because of its rarity but also because of its drama. Many viewers have commented on how brave or foolish both animals were, how lucky or unlucky they were depending on their perspective, and how nature can be both beautiful and brutal.

Jacobson said that he hopes that people who watch his video will appreciate wildlife more and respect their habitats. He said that Kruger National Park is home to many amazing animals and offers visitors a chance to see them up close.

He also advised anyone who wants to see such encounters for themselves to book a safari with him, or any other reputable guide at South Post at Kruger National Park.