Jackboy is lucky man. In a new video Sniper Gang Jackboy crashed his Lamborghini on Instagram live and told his fans how much it’s going to cost him.

The footage shows the major damage the front end and side of Lamborghini sustained in the car wreck, but according to Jackboy this isn’t a big deal. He claims he will make enough money in one show to recoup the costs of repairing his wrecked Lambo.


Jackboy showed a large wad of cash to prove to his fans that he has dough for a situation like this. However, if he has good insurance they will actually front most of the cost. His insurance rates are sure to skyrocket though.

The average Lamborghini goes for around $200K, and they are actually more expensive to repair then to purchase a new one. This means Jackboy makes at least $200,000 a show if he is telling the truth.

If the insurance deems his car a total loss, Jackboy might just cop a whole new Lamborghini for himself.

Author: JordanThrilla

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