The emotional pain in Will Smith’s eyes as Jada Pinkett reminisced about Tupac during Red Table Talk is going viral. The pain in Will Smith’s face was so glaring it instantly stole the show. This led to people posting various captions under the photos of Will Smith in emotional pain holding back tears.

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2Pac is clearly still has a some impact on Will Smith’s mental physique. The relationship he had with his wife Jada Pinkett, probably still crosses his mind everyday. To make things worse, Will Smith’s daughter Willow said she was writing letters to Tupac about him being the friend she never met. Then there’s the August Alsina situation lurking in his mind as well.

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Things seem to be a lot tougher since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air days pulling pranks on Uncle Phil. The emotional pain in Will Smith’s eyes has fans everywhere worried, but also laughing at the same time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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