Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed she slept with August Alsina during Red Table Talk with Will Smith. The rumors about how it happened are completely different from the story Jada Pinkett told about how her affair with August Alsina started.

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Firstly Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed she hooked up with August Alsina when Will Smith left her. In his own words Will Smith said “I was done with a**” to Jada Pinkett. August Alsina started off as a family friend of both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, because they were helping him when he was sick.

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During her speech Jada Pinkett Smith clarified Will Smith did NOT give permission before she slept with August Alsina, he thought he had permission since they were separated.

Take a listen to Jada Pinkett confirming her affair with August Alsina.

Some people think Jada Pinkett and Will Smith are sugar coating the real story to make less of an issue to the public. However, if this story is true one could argue it’s Will Smith’s fault that Jada Pinkett is confirmed she slept with August Alsina today. It’s seems she is saying he left her no choice, but to go find loving somewhere else.

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