A leaked video of an US Military Soldier abducted by Aliens is going viral. During the footage, as the soldier in the US Military explains how the aliens looked and behaved, someone secretly records him with cellphone. The US Military soldier recollected intricate details about the alien abduction such as their “fragile bones”, “gray colored skin”, and unique teeth.

He then revealed allegations that the US Military is forming an Alliance with aliens, and sent two soldiers to their planet 13 years ago.

One thing that’s not entirely clear about video is what year it’s from. As the US Military Soldier talks about the alien abduction, someone references Barak Obama when asking if the president knows. It’s not certain if he was speaking in the present or past tense.

A few years ago you could easily brush this off as a crazy conspiracy theory. However, given the fact that the Army released footage of an UFO encounter during a flying mission, it makes you wonder. The US Military Soldier was very certain about the alien abduction down to the intricate details.

Author: JordanThrilla