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CCTV Video Footage of Naya Rivera and Her 4 Year Old Son Before She Disappeared Released

CCTV video footage of Naya Rivera and her 4 year old son before she disappeared has been released. The CCTV footage shows Naya Rivera leaving her car to enter the boat with a large bag, then walking to dock with her son. After she is seen renting a boat from a rental stand, then boarding the pontoon boat. The last bit of the CCTV video shows Naya Rivera heading west on Lake Piru. Judging from the video nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Search and Rescue teams still haven’t been able to recover Naya Rivera’s body, and they admitted during press conference that they may never find it. Lake Piru is very large, so it’s literally like trying to find a needle in haystack. One glimmer of good news in this situation is that medical personnel say her 4 year old is in good health after being found floating on the boat alone.

The CCTV video only shows what happened before Naya Rivera disappeared, but not what happened at the moment she went missing. Conspiracy Theorists and an investigator believe Naya Rivera was murdered. Hopefully one day, this case is solved so her family can have some sense of closure.

Author: JordanThrilla

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