When it comes to music reviewers with YouTube channels one the most famous in Anthony Fantano. At first glance many people might say he doesn’t look like the type of guy who is a hip-hop head, which has led to people often times discrediting the validity of his reviews. Yet still his opinions on hip-hop music are respected by most people, especially people on the hip-hop subreddit. Now he’s beefing with Drake, and the DMs he got were leaked.

Why Is Drake Beefing with Anthony Fantano? Leaked DMs Show Drake Mentioning Anthony Fantano’s Wife and Cancelling His Existence

Anthony Fantano is a very honest reviewer, which often times leads to him sounding very harsh when talking about a new album. Over the years one of the main rappers that has been on the receiving end of his viral negative reviews has been Drake. Most recently Anthony Fantano absolutely destroyed Drake’s experimental “Honestly Nevermind” house music album, and apparently he isn’t happy about that. To express his displeasure Drake sent DMs to Anthony Fantano talking about his wife, and saying some real disrespectful things about his existence as a human.

In the leaked DMs Drake wrote, “You’re existence is a light 1. The 1 is cause you are alive, and because you somehow wife a black girl. I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence”. The only positive thing about those messages was the fact that Drake showed once again that he really treasures black women. Those DMs led to Anthony Fantano dissing Drake on Twitter by calling him a “b****” and saying he lives in his head “rent free”. Take a look.

This is the Honestly Nevermind review that led to Drake sliding in Anthony Fantano’s DMs.

Contrary to popular belief from a musical standpoint ‘Honestly Nevermind’ might be one of Drake’s best albums if don’t judge it as a hip-hop project. It actually has the least amount of skippable tracks in comparison to most of his past few albums. Still yet it has been widely criticized in the hip-hop community, and it appears those criticisms are really starting to get under Drake’s skin if he’s sending DMs to album reviewers.

Overall this is a really bad look for Drake, and a really good situation for Anthony Fantano in terms of heightening his fame.

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