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Here’s Why a Conspiracy Theory CERN Practiced an Occult Ritual Which Opened a Portal to Another Dimension is Going Viral in 2023

Outside of View of the CERN Laboratory

On July 5, 2022, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced that it had successfully restarted its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) after a three-year hiatus for upgrades and maintenance. The LHC is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, capable of colliding protons at unprecedented energies of 13.6 teraelectronvolts (TeV). The main goal of the LHC is to explore the fundamental nature of matter and the origin of the universe by recreating the conditions that existed shortly after the Big Bang.

Why Do Conspiracy Theorists Think CERN Opened a Portal to Another Dimension During an Occult Ritual?

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about CERN’s scientific endeavors. Some conspiracy theorists have claimed that the LHC is actually a device for opening portals to other dimensions, hell, or even the future. These claims are based on various sources, such as religious symbols, media reports, and videos and images.

For example, some conspiracy theorists have pointed to a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva outside CERN’s headquarters as evidence of a connection to occult practices. Others have cited an allegedly fake video of a human sacrifice staged near the statue as proof of a sinister agenda.

Here's Why a Conspiracy Theory CERN Opened a Portal to Another Dimension During an Occult Ritual is Going Viral
View Inside the Large Hadron Collider

But what is the scientific basis for these claims? Is it possible that the LHC could create a portal to another dimension? And if so, what would be the consequences?

According to current theories of physics, such as general relativity and quantum mechanics, there are no known mechanisms that would allow the LHC to create or access other dimensions. The LHC operates within the framework of the Standard Model of particle physics, which describes how matter and forces interact at the smallest scales.

The Standard Model does not predict or require the existence of extra dimensions, although some extensions of the model, such as string theory, do propose them as possible solutions to some of the unresolved problems in physics.

Here's Why a Conspiracy Theory CERN Opened a Portal to Another Dimension During an Occult Ritual is Going Viral
Dipole Magnets Used with Large Hadron Collider

However, if extra dimensions do exist, the LHC could access them in theory, but it would take even more power than it already needs. The energy required to create or detect extra dimensions is estimated to be much higher than what the LHC can currently achieve.

For comparison, the LHC can reach energies of about 10^-19 joules per proton, while the Planck energy, which is the theoretical limit for probing quantum gravity and extra dimensions, is about 10^-8 joules per proton. That is a difference of 11 orders of magnitude, or a factor of 100 billion.

If the LHC could somehow create or access extra dimensions, there is no evidence that they would be inhabited by any form of life or intelligence. The extra dimensions predicted by string theory are typically very small and compactified, meaning that they are curled up into tiny shapes that are invisible to our senses and instruments.

These dimensions would not have any connection to our familiar notions of space and time, and would not support any physical phenomena that we could recognize or interact with. That caveat here is that our current understanding of other dimensions is constrained to our very limited knowledge, so it’s also possible that scientists are completely wrong about what actually lies in these other dimensions.

What Would Happen If CERN Really Opened a Portal to Another Dimension?

Since there is no scientific basis for creating or accessing other dimensions with the LHC, it is impossible to predict what would happen if such an event occurred. However, one can speculate on some possible scenarios based on hypothetical assumptions. For example, if the LHC somehow created a wormhole, which is a hypothetical shortcut between two points in space-time, it could potentially allow travel to distant locations in our universe or even other universes.