Will Kyrie Irving speak out against Chris Paul saying the N-word racial slur to Devin Booker after hitting a dagger three pointer against Knicks? A few weeks ago Kyrie Irving tried to fight Dennis Schroder for calling him the N-word during a game. Later he posted an emotional message on Twitter urging black people to stop using the N-word due to its origins.

Some people said they would follow Kyrie Irving’s lead and remove the word from their vocabulary, but for some people his pleadings fell on deaf ears. During Knicks vs Suns Chris Paul used the N-word saying, “F*** wrong with these N***** man” to Devin Booker after sinking a three point shot that put them up 8 points and sealed a victory.

The first thing many people thought is what would Kyrie Irving think if he was watching this game at home. Kyrie is known CP3 fan, so it’s definitely possible he tuned in to this game.

Here is what Kyrie Irving said about black people using the N-word after his altercation with Dennis Schroder.

Will Kyrie Irving Speak Out After Chris Paul Said N-Word Racial Slur to Devin Booker After Hitting Dagger Three Pointer on Knicks?

Suns don’t play Nets again this season, but if by some miracle they meet in the finals that matchup between Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving could be very personal due to this incident.

Chris Paul remains the best point guard in the NBA and a top 5 most clutch player. Before the season we predicted Suns would be the second best team in the West after the Lakers simply because of Chris Paul, and so far it looks like we were spot on.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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