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Did Rapper Baby Kia Get a 738 Years Prison Sentence? Evidence Inside

Now we’ve all heard of long sentences being handed for heinous crimes, but the rumor floating around about Rapper Baby Kia might take the cake as the longest ever. It’s well known that in the rap game street cred can be nearly as valuable as having a chart topping hit depending on the type of rapper an artist is trying to be. This sentiment is intertwined in the debate about the allegations involving Baby Kia’s alleged prison sentence.

Is it True that Rapper Baby Kia was Sentenced to 738 Years Prison?

If you’ve been on social media lately, then you have probably heard the claims that rapper Baby Kia has been hit with a staggering 738-year prison sentence after being slapped with 67 charges, including 14 counts of voluntary manslaughter.

Even with an alleged 67 charges looming over him, I still think a 738-year sentence sounds crazy long, and the sheer volume of charges is enough to raise eyebrows in itself.

What stands out more would be that it’s the kind of headline that commands attention, which is precisely why some skeptics suggest it might be a strategic move to amplify Baby Kia’s reputation in the streets. Such a rumor could be like a twisted badge of honor considering the role the street creds plays for some rappers.

However, the truth remains caught up in the clouds of mystery, with people hoping more proof will rain down. As of now, there is no official confirmation that Baby Kia has received such a sentence.

It’s possible that the rumor was born from a small piece of truth related to a real legal issue that’s been blown out of proportion for the sake of hype. You’ll see exhibits like the one below, but it’s possible that was photoshopped.

Based on our research there isn’t any public court documents that confirm that 738 year sentence, unless there was something we overlooked. During his court proceedings prosecutors were asking for a sentence of around 60 years, which is much less than the rumor entails.

Baby Kia sentenced to 738 years in prison evidence
Some People Think The Reports Claiming Baby Kia Was Sentenced to 738 Years in Prison Might Be All a Marketing Ploy for Street Cred

Let’s think about how long 738 years is in perspective. His release date would be almost in the year 3,000. By the time he got out of prison the planet Earth might not even exist anymore. Humans might have 4 toes by then due to evolution. Scientists might have discovered how to stop aging by then. TikTok might be banned in America by then.

That’s a really long time for a prison sentence. They might as well have just given him a life sentence if the rumor is true, but right now it looks like it might not be. Official documents say prosecutors wanted around 60 years, so it wouldn’t make sense from them go more than 600 years over that.

Author: Jordanthrilla Staff

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