DMX Daughter Raps Song She Wrote For DMX During His Memorial Funeral Service

One of the most incredible and incredibly sad moments from the DMX memorial service at Barclay’s center came when his young daughter Mary Ella Simmons took the stage. DMX’s daughter rapped a song she wrote for DMX after his death.

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In the lyrics from DMX daughter’s song she first repeated “Yo Lord I’m ready so hold your head up” several times”. After she talked about how she learned so much from DMX growing up. She says DMX taught her how to be strong, and that’s it’s ok to be afraid. You can tell she truly feels that DMX was the best father she could have possibly had.

Mary Ella Simmons is now 16 years old. If you go on YouTube you can find videos of her spending quality family time with DMX from way back in the day. One video in particular that is viral is when DMX took his daughter on the Slingshot ride when she was 10.

DMX’s daughter rapping a song she wrote for him during his Memorial Service is one of the most touching moments in hip hop history.


Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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