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Man Dressed a Sting or Joker Yells “COVID is Over” at Miami Beach Spring Break While Standing On Cars

The COVID-19 pandemic is allegedly raging on with Florida still being a main hotspot, but a lot of people are tired of living in a shell because of it. As example a man dressed as Sting or Joker yelled “Covid is Over” at Miami Beach Spring Break while standing on cars in traffic. He then threw money in the air around himself.

As the the real life Sting Joker man yelled “Covid is over baby” he waved the United States flag. People could be heard cheering him on in agreement. People are having mixed emotions about the footage for multiple reasons.

Why People Who Hate The Video of the Man Dressed as Joker Yelling “Covid is Over” at Miami Beach Spring Break Also Love it

On the surface people hate this video, because they feel there will be another surged of COVID-19 cases due to people in Miami Beach acting like it doesn’t exist anymore. There is no face mask wearing or social distancing being practiced.

However, the video is also refreshing, because people thought they would never see people having fun like this again. As lockdown continued for months and months, even the people who agreed with stipulations were depressed wondering if things would ever go back to normal. This video makes some of those people feel like things are getting back to normal.

It’s good to see people are enjoying life again with no worries. Hopefully there is not a surge in coronavirus cases so this trend can continue.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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