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Woman Knocking Out Her Boyfriend with Bowling Ball then Casually Hitting a Strike Goes Viral

When two people go on a date there are instances where things can go horribly wrong. However, very rarely do those moments lead to someone getting knocked out. A woman who was on a date is going viral for not only doing that to the man she was with during a bowling alley fight, but also showing off her incredible skills and calmness after the fact. What she did brings a whole new meaning to bowling a strike.

Woman Knocked Out Her Boyfriend with a Bowling Ball then Casually Hit a Strike Like Nothing Happened

Viral footage shows the moment the man and woman began arguing for some unknown reason. They appeared ready to throw hands with each other as they squared up face to face as bystanders looked on without intervening. The old saying “hand down man down” perfectly describes how the situation would go from 100 to 0 real quick.

The man seemingly forgot that the woman had a large bowling ball in her hand, which would serve as the perfect weapon in that moment. He probably didn’t think she was crazy enough to hit him with such a heavy object. Not only did the woman knockout the man with the bowling ball, but she bowled a strike right after with people cheering her on as he slept peacefully on the ground. Essentially she hit two strikes in a row.

The way she held his hand while delivering that dangerous hit to the head looks similar to a MMA technique, so it’s clear he definitely messed with the wrong woman in that moment.

Woman knocked out man with bowling ball then bowled a strike right after
Woman hitting boyfriend in the head with a bowling ball knocking him out

That man is going to wake up to an entirely different world than what he knew the day before. Hopefully he didn’t suffer any serious injuries from that hit, because a bowling ball is like a gym weight, plus she connected with the back of his head.

There’s probably a good chance they are breaking up after that was caught on camera, if they are really in a relationship like social media suggests.