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Brook Lopez Makes Andre Drummond Lose His Big Toe Nail Completely: How Long Will It Take Andre Drummond Toenail Injury to Grow Back?

Have you ever felt what’s it like to walk without toe nails? How about what it feels like to jump and run without a toenail? As you can imagine it’s probably extremely painful. Unfortunately that’s what Lakers newest star went through when Brook Lopez made Andre Drummond lose his big toenail completely.

The injury happened about 6 minutes into the game after Brook Lopez stepped on Andre Drummond’s foot. According to his own account, when he took off his shoe to check his foot his entire toenail was gone. He wrapped it up in sports bandages, and attempted to make it through the rest of game. However, later he asked to be taken out, and was seen heading back to the locker room with a noticeable limp.

How Long It Will Take Andre Drummond’s Toenail Injury To Grow Back

Science tells us finger nails take about 6 months to grow back, and toenails take up to 18 months to grow back. However, this type of injury can be played through it you wear a device or sports tape that can make the tip of your toe solid, which would replicate the comfort his big toenail provides. He will still probably miss some time for the initial healing process, could possibly be a few weeks or maybe just a few days.

It’s guaranteed that Andre Drummond will be playing through pain or experiencing pain after games for the rest of the season. He probably will be getting the “shot” before games so he’s doesn’t feel as much pain, but maybe he has high pain tolerance.

Drummond finished the game with a stat line of 2-6 shooting, 1 rebound, and 2 assists in only 14 minutes. He did that with no big toe nail. That’s tough.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff