Some people say Terrell Owens is the greatest NFL Athlete ever, and they may have been right. Terrell Owens ran a 4.42 range at 46, in a race vs Ty Hill. Terrell Owens didn’t win the race, but everyone was still shocked to see T.O. running a 4.4 range at 46 years old.

Take a look at the incredible footage.

Before the footage of T.O. running a 4.4 range at 46 was released, Ty Hill made an announcement that an epic video was coming. He didn’t lie about that.

Terrell Owens is basically a real life superhero. Even Lebron James won’t be able to pull that off at 46. Keep in mind that T.O. broke his ankle before too.

Terrell Owens running a 4.4 range at 46 years old is incredible to see. For him age is truly just a number.

Author: JordanThrilla