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Cardi B $ex Tape and Cleavage Photo Leaks On Instagram and Offset Responds 5 AM in the Morning

A Cardi B $ex Tape and cleavage photo leaked on Instagram, and Offset responded at 5 AM in the morning in a way you probably wouldn’t expect. The Cardi B $extape and cleavage photo leaked by accident when she was trying to post a picture of her bruised lip to her IG stories, according to reports.

She seems stressed out by the situation, but Offset isn’t letting her live. A new viral video shows Offset clowning Cardi B for accidentally leaking her own $ex tape and cleavage photo.


In the footage Cardi B says, “Stop my “b***** is out”. Offset was trying to pull the blanket to mock how she accidentally shared a $ex tape and photo of her cleavage. Offset knew that when a woman says “I swear to God” she means business, and stopped the video.

While a Cardi B $ex tape and cleavage photo leaking is an embarrassing situation, it definitely looks like she and Offset are back in love again. There is a bright side to this incident, no pun intended.

Author: JordanThrilla

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