Donald Trump Twitter was hacked after a Dutch Researcher revealed his password was “Maga2020”. It wasn’t hard to the Dutch researcher to figure this out, as all he did was make a guess.

You would think the president of the United States would be using some type of extremely long password created for him, but Trump broke every rule of creating strong passwords and used “Maga2020”.

The Dutch Research Victor Gevers is actually security expert who managed to break into Trump’s account back in 2016. This time it allegedly took him only 5 tries of making random guesses before “Maga2020” worked. Victor Gevers claims he could have sent direct messages and posted tweets from Trump’s account.

At the moment Donald Trump’s security team is denying the his Twitter Hacked and also denying his password is “Maga2020”. However, given Donald Trump’s track record it’s not hard to believe “Maga2020” was his twitter password.

Author: JordanThrilla