Young Buck girlfriend was arrested for firing a gun at him, and 50 Cent is rubbing salt in the wounds. 50 Cent clowned Young Buck getting shot by his girlfriend with a gay joke and video reenactment of the shooting.

50 Cent with captioned the disrespectful video saying, “Better stop playing with them boys, on Ig Buck she want your password. LOL”. It’s clear 50 Cent still wants to make Young Buck’s life a living hell, because of all the money he owes him.

That’s so cold on 50 Cent’s part, but we all now he is HipHop’s biggest bully. Even after ruining Young Buck’s life by leaking a phone call of him crying like a baby, 50 Cent still isn’t done yet. Anytime Young Buck has legal issues 50 Cent makes sure to put him on blast.

Young Buck was just released from prison a few months ago, and is already getting shot at by his girlfriend. He looked at piece when he got invited to the cookout, but the drama never ends for him.

It’s likely that Young Buck won’t respond to 50 cent, it could only make things worse.

Author: JordanThrilla

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