Did you know Styles P is a Trump support? The ultra gangster rapper is a republican, and in his mind he has good reason why. Styles P explain why he supports Donald Trump over democrats in a now viral video. In this same footage Styles P called out Black Lives Matter.

Most people could have guessed his reason before he even mentioned. It’s a reason many black people won’t be voting for Joe Biden as well. Styles P isn’t happy about the amount of black people Bill Clinton’s 90’s crime bill locked up. A bill Joe Biden also had a hand in.

Take a look, and listen to around 4:00 minute mark to hear Styles P explain his support for Trump over Democrats.

Styles P also took shots at #Blacklivesmatter in the footage. He seems to share the same sentiment as Gillie Da Kid, to where they think #Blacklivesmatter only pertains in certain situations.

Styles P will surely receive backlash for his political views, due to the climate that surrounds politics now. People will label you as “bad” or “good” based on what they feel you believe in terms of political candidates. Apparently there is no room for thinking for yourself anymore and having your own unique opinion when it comes to Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The Reality to some people is that both the Democratic party and Republican party are sketchy for different reasons. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have incidents that could be used to label them as racist. Joe Biden could be considered a closest racist, to where people label Donald Trump a bold racist. Which one is really more dangerous though?

Author: JordanThrilla

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